New Aged Rock


Dustin Penny - Lead Vocals, Bass and Rhythm guitar

Staffan Osterlind - Lead Guitar

Matt O'Rourke - Drums


SEVEN STRAIT serves up a fresh take on Modern Rock, which the Multinational band (members hailing from Canada and Sweden) described as #NewAgedRock.


Their 10 song offering “Rise From The Ashes”, set for a digital release in early 2020, delivers big hooks, heartfelt lyrics and an infectious sense of positive enthusiasm.


“We don’t like to com­pare our­selves to oth­ers, we worked re­ally hard on a new sound, our sound, New Aged Rock.”


  • Dustin Penny, SEVEN STRAIT


No such thing as an overnight success


Dustin Penny was born into music. Having played his very first gig at age five (a vocal / ukulele rendition of “Blue Suede Shoes”), Dustin played drums with his family’s band until his teenage years when he fell in love with distorted guitars and hard-driving Modern Rock.


Dustin formed a band, released some music, and hit the road playing upwards of 200 shows until he eventually grew disenchanted with ‘the grind’. Searching for a fresh perspective on his musical journey, Dustin went back to basics and took to the stage with only his acoustic guitar, performing originals mixed in with some favorite covers.



It’s all about the song


Stripping his favorite songs down for the acoustic sets was inspiration for Dustin to write a collection of his own timeless pieces. He recorded the song “Hold Me Down”, which caught the attention of Mark S. Berry - a man responsible for producing some of Canada’s most successful rock records.


“This is a project that had great songs, great musicianship, great material and a great artist in Dustin Penny.”


- Mark S. Berry, Producer (I Mother Earth, Headstones)



“Rise From The Ashes”


Recording in Toronto with Mark S. Berry at the helm, SEVEN STRAIT began to take shape as a band during pre-production when Dustin enlisted drummer Matt O'Rourke and guitarist Staffan Osterlind; their combined contributions revealed an unmistakable chemistry.


Special guests on the album include Darren Smith (RED DRAGON CARTEL, HAREM SCAREM) on background vocals, and former THE GUESS WHO guitarist Dale Russell.


Armed with insanely catchy songs and a ‘take on the world’ attitude, SEVEN STRAIT are more than ready to share their #NewAgedRock with new audiences.


“We believe in our music and we believe in ourselves. We are devoted to our music as each one of us brings an electric twist to the mix. Combined with the fans, our rain becomes THUNDER!”




"The underlying guitar work is excellent, and the addition of the solos is a personal bonus for me, the drums seems intensely linked to the songs – not just the generic mechanical, banging drum beats you hear on some modern rock albums. Seven Strait should be proud of themselves. Their debut album is a solid piece of work."
Peter Burns - Review Indie

"The band demonstrates a rare talent for staying within a focused, yet very successful, creative formula without sounding like any old rock n’ roll cliché."
Rick Jamm - Jamsphere

"Seven Strait has done something remarkable. They have maintained a mainstream rock formula while putting out excellent music and keeping their edge. They simply deliver the goods, giving longtime rock fans many new flavors to keep them excited."
Staff in Releases - Independent Music News